Weekly Forecast If you'd like to see a video version on this broadcast please go to Last Week's Trades- Everyone closed off investments this week through options expiration. Morgan Stanley (MS) and the Nasdaq ETF (QQQQ) simultaneously expired worthless along with we took filled credit on all those. Goldman Sachs (GS) everyone got stopped out and about at break still and Toll Friends (TOL) we got out with a small profit, entering at $ and additionally exiting at dollar. With winning trades andbreak even operate this brings all of our accounts up by for those month. We also entered a new trade with all the $ puts for Fossil watches (FOSL). Market Trend Certainly we finally became the bearishness that we've been predicting for the last couple of weeks and yes it hit hard. We are now in oversold region, but that yet doesn't mean we want to be buyers but still. The market is likely to go down further even as we fall toward any November lows of for the SP. If we break this support level then it is look out following. We are even so holding down in the level on a weekly chart through the sell signal that we got on Economy is shown th. We also still have a sell signal relating to the daily chart in the level so the trend remains to be down. Commercial Traders The commercials are still net short not to mention little has changed with their positions. We are likely to hit the November lows within the next few many weeks once we pay off this oversold problem. Seasonal Tendencies Seasonally there is nothing special about this particular week, but typiy Mar shows early along with mid-month. Forecast We are into oversold region, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we tend to can't still turn further down right from here. The ADX directional indicator is at, which means that we all have a somewhat strong trend that could ignore the oscillators. We may move sideway and also higher for just a little, before we drop or we may just continue towards drop from in this case. Whatever the instance we do not envy long the market at this time.

Laid-off, anyone find out about insurance? let's say a person broke your collarbone inside of a ski accident and had to have surgery to correct with metal dish and screws. you then are laid-off plus lose your insurance policies. you move in the united states to look for work in a different city. Eventually you will find employment with insurance and/or buy your own private insurance protection. The metal plate and screws from your surgery bone is without a doubt healed) are causing pain so you need them. Can be your new insraunce gonna refuse to covers the removal surgery because it's a "pre-existing condition"? WTF? Could you get COBRA?

That respondent's attorney won't leave me by themselves.. I filed to get support and sought after court's guidance. That could be it. My ex hired legal advice and he (attorney) is actual free funny commercials free funny commercials ly leaving messages regarding my answering machine to return his. He wants to run a settlement with me before the courts art fantasy graphic art fantasy graphic date. What would I gain on a pre-court settlement? Why would he want money instead of guidance from the court? Isn't this a sel-explanatory case? custody is easy here. Can I can quickly ignore the lawyer's messages? I not have intention of coming back to his. Thank you. I just became this from Treasuryon one TreasuryDirect Account Brochure holder: The Savings Purchase Limitation was changed to bucks, per series and per twelve months. Please cancel whatever pending purchases of which exceed the per year $, limit. This is often an automatic meaning from TreasuryDirect. Please YOU SHOULD NOT respond. If you have questions e-mail us at Thanks a ton for using TreasuryDirect This message is usually an automated mailing out of your Bureau of anyone Debt. ---- As i thought the minimize was fishing line clips fishing line clips $, every year... can someone smarter than me why not explain? K just for ibonds Just dropped by to imply hi I used to post here quite frequently, I've been away for a long time. Guess I just got bored with doing this for that long, almostages. How is everyone doing? I don't re belly expansion art belly expansion art cognize most names I discover now. I had some sort of temp job continue to keep me fairly busy rel beef schnitzel recipe beef schnitzel recipe ating to months. Didn't enjoy the energy to visit here. Who are often the "new" stars connected with job board? Everything that have I not so great recently?

Bunky is actually deeply disappointed in at this point you how could most people betray him by doing this? he'll try to make sure you pretend you didn't post that, mainly because he weeps uncontrollably, figuring that in order you could suggest something similar to that is by means of actually being sober regarding oncegood wages arent essential for a functioning economySo sow how does the population obtain things and stimul dined on production? By accumulating bottles? mediocre wages deliver the results just fineYeah, It's safe to say the all the hollowing out period first emerged during the mid eighties, plenty of larger corporations started focusing on eliminating "middle-management" jobs (many of which were somewhat redundant that should be honest). jobs disappearing its already occurring Screwamerica and Old_Engineer that you're making me believe that we should turn out to be communists!!!! Communists? Our company is practiy socialists right now! Communism will change out the constitution following a Government disarms the general public, and executes those over the Homeland Security Report! Or we may have a revolution from the unemployed who is going to take over, and discover there presently exist no industries to hire the unemployed. The US public appears to believe that you can continue our economical miracle by transforming into a service oriented modern culture cooking hamburgers for each other using brought in beef, imported veggies, etc., selling insurance coverage & junk bonds together, suing each additional, but definitely certainly not manufacturing or creating something that we consume. Next best thing to buy is wheat furniture stores seattle furniture stores seattle !! I need you all to buy wheat, K? Frosted miniwheats. Yum. Whole-wheat pizza crust. Yum. OMG I�m a sucker for rolled oatsWill it keep going up forever? wheat = poison^^Blood-shitting retardSure is actually quiet in in this case without me posting most of the time. Seems sorts of and lonely below without me.

You'll better stop deciding on on me, as well as I'll OUT YOU ACTUALLY I enjoy looking through posts here since for years it was semi-money corresponding, a lot with kooks, and fellas just bullshitting, probably doing a similar thing I was. the monotony in the work day. Did I possibly honestly think everyone here was being truthful? Hell simply no. It's the online. I can claim being the world's wealthiest wrestler who bangs supermodels and has a fleet for Porsches. Doesn't suggest it's true, nevertheless it's amusing. It can be just fun. Abruptly this became a huge soap. 'I think you're brimming with it, so I am going to OUT YOU! i Ooooh. How striking! Bullying a stranger on the net for not becoming truthful. You're positive tough! Who relates to the internet looking for truth anyway? I blame for really causeing this to be place a cesspool, along with, for he started a good deal with his goal to OUT toof together with. This place is fast being a cesspool. If that wasn't for weird kooks like Gumbies as well as ZenTechie garden life usa garden life usa , and MnMnM being a real consistent dick, I'd have remaining.

what ever say when you actually the places you make application for to see privided you can get a job? i turned with app to stores always clothing stores prefer gap. they haven't much ed me. Pardon me, I submitted my resume yesterday evening based on the responsibility opening you had posted while in the, I was simply just wondering what the timeline is the platform for the hiring system, whether there's whatever further the decisionmaker will need from me. you must use a part time project? Would you like to cooperate with us to achieve win-win cooperation? We help you set up your own AN STD health support and dating site for free. You promote the application on Internet to earn a healthy contemporary quilt patterns contemporary quilt patterns commission for $ for any customer, $ from each sale. Make money quite quick and simple. Any question, feel unengaged to send an to help you cooperationtp@. More info and Enroll at STDdatingaffiliates. com. WONDERFUL GOD, Wikipedia is normally having those troublesome banner ads begging for donation JUST AS BEFORE!!!! Ugh. they achieve it every year you actually tech retard try and see privided you can squeeze $ through your food budget to helpJustin Beeper dumped his established girlfriendI don't see anything It might be my "Adblock". You ought to look into which will. adblock my assDinner primary? guatamala to panama may- anyone? I'm heading decrease central America from Guatemala all the down to panama from might possibly early... I'm tremendous outgoing, love voyage, lookin for a very nice travel partner Mans from Vancouver, Quebec. shoot me an for everybody who is lookin for the same @ costa im viewing being in costa designed for months next the winter season, building a house on a lot on typiy the Pacific side. Finish of it . about the mid class that's Inconvenient the revolutionary system . is that mid class means some sort offigure income right now. Hard for unskilled types to digest. Funny how you could have no links. Not just Kindly refute subsequently.

Mortgage lender of America Would not help me by using Mortgage!! I do not in the market for into the data, but I have been trying to reach some agreement along for over 1 year. I was dress yourself in the making dwellings affordable pre-plan (lost the job after years) and in addition they did reduce my personal payment..... but I was turned down for the having homes affordable ongoing plan while they could not thought of a payment that is less than % associated with my gross pay mainly because it would not be favorable towards bank. Since that period I have not gotten to make any payment simply because have no involvement in helping me Their now Bank in America, the first words out of there mouth is usually "Are you to brew a payment? ". Meantime, instead of reducing my loan, Now i'm getting further and further into debt with them. Emporium Capwell was first my wife's favorite store inYou could very well always just prevent paying I know people that havent paid its mortgage in a long time. Just sock the amount away in your safe deposit pack or something. Have a go with NACA Try NACA it's always free, grass root group and should be bulls with a banks. Is you ought to Iota? Get a sit down head to head with a personal loan officerTry Star 1 CU. All you want to do is ask. LOL!!! how must SE affect SS gains? I've just bought a annual brief summary of my Friendly Security benefits that's why only list Watts income as taxed SS incomes for. I did wonders yr W, month SE. This year it's gonna often be all SE... possessing worried.

Be thoughtful with the information entry job sale listings I just l poker supplies covers poker supplies covers earn today about these. They tellhow simple it will be and what quantity of cash you will help make "copying and pasting" facts into online varieties.... or some such variant of the particular. After you compensate your unusually high just the once only "membership fee" individuals teach you how to be an affiliate in addition to post e Adwords adverts. And they don't provide very well either. You can learn so much stuff for absolutely free by " electronic adwords". You'll find totally free e-books and complete tutorials for those who look long sufficient. Don't pay excellent money for stuff you may see for free. It's truly easy, just takes a touch of time to learn about.

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